Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summertime Fruits and Fruit

Rose Collage Postcard postcard

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~ Henry James ~

The fragrance of roses all summer long, the juice of ripe fruit on our lips, a butterfly visiting a flower, a dip into a cool pool on a hot day, a gentle breeze rustling in the leaves of towering trees as we lie in their shade. Ah, summer. We can capture these pleasures in art and photography and share them with our loved ones to celebrate special occasions and just the sheer joy of every day. Here are some of my summer-themed greeting cards from Greeting Card Universe. Click on the card thumbnails to see a larger view. The thumbnails open in a new window.

Greeting Card Universe is the world's largest paper greeting card store. You can change the text and upload your own photograph to the inside of the card at no additional charge. Ship cards to your home or office, or, if you prefer, Greeting Card Universe will mail your personalized card to any address in the United States for only the cost of a stamp. It's easy!

Greeting Card Universe's motto is "Find the perfect card in our universe. Over 400,000 cards + 4,000 artists + 10, 000 categories = lots of happy customers." It's true!

Here is just a tiny sampling of the gorgeous cards offered by other Greeting Card Universe artists. From the left, Denise Beverly, Tom Rent, Sue Baumgardner, Beverly Turner, Corrie Kuipers, Karen Mezzano, Martha Dryfhout and Laura Holman.

Many of the fantastic artists at Greeting Card Universe have featured greeting cards that celebrate summer and its many pleasures on blogs, which you can find here. The first link for each artist is the blog address, the second link is the Summertime post featuring summer-themed greeting cards.


, Mariana Musa - Summertime at
Greeting Card Universe

The days are full of sunshine and the temperatures are slowly rising...
It's a Beautiful
, Catherine Sherman - Summertime
Flowers and Fruit

The fragrance of roses all summer long, the juice of ripe fruit on
our lips...

Sun at Night
, Sun at Night - Summer Celestial
Events and Art

The summer month of June is just around the corner...

What Dreams May
, Maryann Nolan - Discontent for
Summers Past

Ah summertime, full of sunny days, steamy temperatures, blue skies
... I long for thee!

I Love
, Cindy Johns - More Father's
Day Cards

While I'm on the topic of Father's Day (see the 'funner' stuff below)...

, Naquaiya - Summertime, and
the Living Is Easy

Summer is a time for a little fun, a little soaking up some nice warm

Shelley's Card
Shelley McLeod
Is Summer Almost

Well, after two 80 degree days, we are back to 50s and raining...
, Judith Cheng -

Nothing beats sketching by the water after our long winter...
Peggy Mundell - Summertime, Meet
the Breed

Summer is around the corner...
, Betsy Bush - It's Summertime
and the Living is Easy!

It’s hard to believe it is approaching summer what with all the
rain we are getting in the northeast...

Salon of Art,
Doreen Erhardt - Ah, Sweet
Blessed Summertime

I was born in 1961 in a suburban area and the memories of those
summers will always make me grateful...

DB Visual
, Denise Beverly - Summertime,
Summertime, Sum, Sum, Sum, Summertime

That song always makes me sing it whether I want to or not...
Cherie's Arts 'N
, Cherie - Summertime, and the Living Is

One of the things that I love most about summer is being able to
lay outside...

Janet Lee
, Janet Palaggi - Summertime Food
'n Fun

That`s right folks, Summer Is Finally Here...
Sheryl Kasper Card
, Sheryl Kasper - Summertime

Have you been thinking about the warm days of summer during the
cold days of winter...

Card Art From the
, Sue Baumgardner - Summertime and
the Kids' Education Goes Out the Door?

Learn how to teach your own children and as many others as you
decide to include...

Aura2000 - I Love

Maybe it's because I'm born in Summer, but I just love this time
of the year...

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