Monday, September 10, 2007

Pineapple Project

Eat Local. It's fresher. It saves on transportation costs. It might even be cheaper. But what if your favorite fruit is pineapple, and you live in non-tropical Kansas City? Grow your own, says Ryan Harvey.
Twist off the leafy crown of a pineapple. If done successfully, you'll only leave a small divot in the pineapple and a small amount of flesh on the crown.

Hidden between the bottom layer of spiky leaves on the crown are small roots. Gently tear off the lower leaves until you reveal the roots. (See bottom photograph) The leaves will be flat and dry-looking. Let the crown dry for a few days, then set it in a glass of water so that only the root area is submerged. After a few more days, the roots should be plumped up and ready to plant in a pot of potting soil. Bring the pot indoors during the winter.

Watch this blog for progress. Eighteen months now, we should have a new pineapple. "The long wait makes you really appreciate pineapple," says Laura Ludwikosky.

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