Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laura with U-2 guitarist

Shameless Family Promotion: Here's my daughter, Laura Ludwikosky, shaking the hand of David "The Edge" Evans, guitarist of U-2, at her graduation ceremony on May 12, 2007, in Boston. Of course, she wasn't the only one who got to squeeze those famous fingers. There were more than 800 seniors -- I hope his hand survived the experience unscathed. She graduated with a bachelor of music degree in music business and music management, and music synthesis from the Berklee College of Music. "The Edge" received an honorary doctorate in music from Berklee, which he dedicated to his mother-in-law, Mrs. Steinberg, because, he said, "she always wanted her daughter to marry a doctor." Laura is now doing an internship with Brent Hoad, violinist of the Kansas City Irish band, The Elders. Laura has an Irish thing going on, but she's open to all kinds of music.
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