Monday, September 5, 2011

Haunted House Halloween Party Invitations

Haunted House Halloween Party Invitation postcard

It's All Hallow’s Eve.  Lost, we creep along a dark road toward a lighted porch. A chilly wind rushes past, dry leaves dancing in its wake.  We shiver.  Is it the cold?  Or is it fear?  A dog howls. We hear rustling in the bushes. 

“Hurry!”  We almost reach the porch.  My foot is on the step.  The porch light begins to flicker.  Behind us, the rustling becomes shuffling and scratching.  I turn to see horrifying creatures descending upon us, staggering, groaning, screeching, grunting, howling and hungry.  “Let us in,” we bang on the door...

People love to be scared.  Halloween is the perfect holiday to make you quiver and tremble with faux fright. Share your shivers by hosting a Haunted House Halloween party. Here are some invitation suggestions from the artists at Greeting Card Universe to get you started. Click on the thumbnails to get a better look.

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